• sendApplication steps and process
    After you fill the below application form and get a respond. The following documents and payments are to be submitted for the formal processing of your application.

    1. Send us the required documents to our email address (saasscholarships@gmail.com). The required documents include passport data page, a blank page, passport sized photo, medical examination results, police clearance letter, your educational certificates and transcripts {ALL DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE SCANNED} and also your application ID(when you apply online) or form.
    2. We review your documents and see if you are eligible to apply. (This will take less than 24 hours).
    3. If you are eligible you pay application fee of USD160. You wait for 2-3 weeks for admission letter to be issued.
    4. After the admission letter is issued you pay a deposit of the Admission Fee. After that you wait for 3 to 7 weeks for the (JW202) VISA papers.
    5. After you get your scanned copy of (JW202) VISA papers pay the balance of the service charge.
    6. You continue with your student VISA application at the nearest Chinese Embassy in your country.
    7. If you are in Zimbabwe you attend our pre-departure seminar
    8. We can also assist you with air ticket bookings and air pickups if you want.

    SERVICE CHARGE (choose a package you qualify for)
    1. USD300 on self-funding students this for those who pays fees for themselves
    2. USD400 Admission fee and USD200 service fee on partial scholarships (for those who get this scholarship).
    3. USD500 Admission fee and USD300 service fee on 100% free on tuition fee scholarships. (Students will need to pay their accommodations)(for those who get scholarship)
    4. USD1000 admission fee and USD500 service fee on free tuition and accommodation scholarships. (for those who get this scholarship)
  • sendGermany (AU Pair)

    Germany (AU Pair)

    • AU pair is mainly for girls only.
    • Boys can apply for other programs

    Stages of application

    1. Submitting documents for reviewing (Medical form, SAAS appplication form, Police clearence)
    2. Payment of application fee
    3. Waiting for acceptance/Admission letter
    4. Payment of admission fee
    5. Waiting for VISA papers
    6. Payment of service fee
    7. Sending of documents to the provided address

Language Application Form

Please attach passport sized picture, high school certificates (O and A level/10th grade), highest degree, any other relevant material for your application to be processed.

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